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Aug 01, 2018

Properties: This product is a white powder. It is sublimated when heated to 200 ° C. It can be ignited with an open flame at normal temperature, and is insoluble in ether and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Uses: Mainly used in radial tires, one is used as a curing agent for reinforcing resin to improve the hardness of rubber products; the other is to form a bonding system together with additives such as resorcinol, and to bond rubber to fiber. Important role.

Packing: Packed in woven bags lined with plastic bags, each bag has a net weight of 20kg.

Storage: Store indoors, dry and ventilated, anti-high temperature, fireproof, storage period is half a year. Exceeding the storage period, it can still be used after passing the inspection.

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