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MHP development history
Aug 01, 2018

The Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) was developed by a European organization called UNITEL with the goal of developing a common platform for accessing multiple digital multimedia services.

1993 proposed the program on the interactive platform of digital television;

In 1997, it was included in the DVB program;

July 1998 Sun Java virtual machine technology was added to the MHP kernel;

February 2000 Steering Board (EIGT Steering Committee) 28th Congress approved the addition of the MHP1.0 standard in DVB;

July 2000 MHP1.0 became TS101 812 in the ETSI standard series;

April 2001 DVB released the MHP 1.0.1 conformance test and version documentation, and the DVB and ETSI Centers reached the MHP Management Agreement. The MHP expert group set out to develop the MHP Test Suite;

October 2001 ETSI released MHP1.0.1 for TS101 812 V1.1.2;

November 2001 ETSI released MHP1. 1 for TS101 812 V1.1.1

April 2002 Finland became the first country in the world to implement wireless live broadcast interactive services through the use of MHP;

November 2002 Streering Board passed the first version of GEM (Globally Executable MHP) based on CableLabs OCAP (the cable industry standard for cable TV industry interactive services);

December 2002 DVB passes MHP Test Suite 1.0.2b - the first complete MHP test package;

January 2003 ETS released GEM as standard TS102 819;

April 2003 DVB approved MHP1.0.3, MHP1.1.1, and submitted it to ETSI for standardization work as standard TS101 812V1.3.1 and standard TS102 812V1.2.1;

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