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Promoter classification
Aug 01, 2018

Mechanism and effect: Vulcanization accelerators are referred to as accelerators. A substance that promotes vulcanization. It can shorten the vulcanization time of rubber or reduce the vulcanization temperature, reduce the amount of vulcanizing agent and improve the physical and mechanical properties of rubber. Can be divided into two major categories of inorganic accelerators and organic accelerators. Among the inorganic accelerators, in addition to a small amount of zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, and lead oxide, the others are mainly used as a promoter. Most of the organic accelerators used. various kinds. Some vulcanization accelerators have bitterness (such as vulcanization accelerator M), some discoloration of products (such as vulcanization accelerator D), some vulcanization (such as vulcanization accelerator TT), and some have anti-aging effect or plastic Solution (such as vulcanization accelerator M) and the like.

Speed of action: According to the speed of action, it can be divided into accelerators such as slow speed, medium speed, medium speeding, over speed and super speeding. In addition, there are also after-effect accelerators and the like. Mainly nitrogen and sulfur-containing organic compounds, such as aldehyde amines (such as vulcanization accelerator H), hydrazines (such as vulcanization accelerator D), thiurams (such as vulcanization accelerator TT), thiazoles (such as vulcanization) Promoter M), dithiocarbamate (such as vulcanization accelerator ZDMC), xanthogen (such as vulcanization accelerator ZBX), thiourea (such as vulcanization accelerator NA-22), sulfenamide (such as vulcanization accelerator CZ) and the like. They are generally used alone or in combination depending on the specific situation

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